Evidence-Informed Decision Making/Information Mastery

The goal of this community is to expand and demonstrate the value of using Evidenced Informed Decision Making (EIDM) and Information Mastery in medicine and health care. 

With the support of the FMEC, David Slawson, MD and Allen Shaughnessy, PharmD are building a community of interest that will learn and work together.

Long-term it is our intention to develop working groups who are teaching Information Mastery/EIDM skills to medical students and to residents. We also anticipate creating working groups among health system leaders and practitioners who wish to use Information Mastery and EIDM methods to improve the performance of all sizes of health care delivery systems. We envision creating working groups that can collaborate to create curriculum, train and evaluate learners at each of these levels. 

We hope to attract faculty, practitioners and health system leaders who want to get involved in these efforts. We encourage you to join this learning community, if this is something that is of interest you.

For more information, contact:  Laurence Bauer, MSW, MED

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