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Join us for the FMEC Global Health Big Read!   We will be reading Mountains Beyond Mountains, by Tracy Kidder.  

This book profiles physician and global health innovator, Dr. Paul Farmer.   Read it over the summer and sign up for one of the several options for a discussion.   Click the link to choose from one of two virtual meetings or sign up for an in person meeting if you will be at the AAFP meeting or the FMEC annual meeting.

Happy reading!



Family Physicians have a special interest in supporting sustainable development and have a great deal to offer people and communities in developing nations. Their unique skill sets make them ideal candidates to work in resource poor areas.  Conversely, their work abroad informs and improves their work back home within their own communities.  There are Family Medicine institutions in the NE region with on-going relationships with the clinical, public health and medical education systems in Nepal, Uganda, Honduras, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Lithuania, Brazil, India, Costa Rica, Russia, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador (to name just a few countries).

This project creates a virtual network of people and organizations working collaboratively to improve health delivery systems in communities around the world. Learn more:   Global Health in the News


a) To form a collaborative network of people and organizations interested in reducing the burdens of extreme poverty by sharing their skills and improving the health of people and communities around the world.

b) To develop consensus about strategies and methods (best practices) that can lead to sustainable development efforts and to connect health professionals working globally in order to share these practices.

c) To introduce the next generation of health professions leaders to models that incorporate sustainable development strategies in their operations.

d) To promote collaborative efforts and long term partnerships with host communities that are beneficial to all involved.

e) To inform the people and organizations interested in improving health in developing communities how they participate in and support this effort.

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