Reducing the Rates of Student Loan Debt: Yes, We Can!       

Let us help you navigate your student Debt. Joy Sorensen Navarre of Navigate, came to the 2016 FMEC Annual meeting with a $1,000,000 goal. The FMEC promoted her and she hit $3.1 million in debt reduction during our three day meeting. To date, her consultation service has saved FMEC residents and faculty over $8 million dollars on their student loans.

After careful review by the FMEC Board to ensure her service was fair and honest; the FMEC now strongly endorses her service and has negotiated a 40% discount on individual and organizational consultations.

Student Loan Relief Case Study: Health Network Achieves Its Most Successful Recruitment Year with Student Loan Program

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Spotlight on Student Loans: Helping to Understand the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program 

I got an email today from Dr. Ahmad. He’s concerned because some of his payments toward Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) are ‘missing.’ For the past three years he carefully made on-time payments. In fact, he paid more than the required amount, because about a year ago he received a signing bonus from his new employer. He used the money to make a lump sum payment toward his loans.

He explained, “I should have 36 payments that count toward PSLF, but the letter from FedLoan Servicing shows only 24 qualifying payments.”

When we called FedLoans to investigate the missing 12 payments we heard good news and bad news.

Bad news: Unfortunately, when Dr. Ahmad made the lump sum payment, it caused his account to go into a ‘paid ahead’ status. When an account is ‘paid ahead’, no payment is due. No bill is generated. True, Dr. Ahmad made payments each month and the loan servicing company accepted the payments. However, none of those payments counted toward PSLF, because they were not ‘qualifying’ payments. You must receive a bill for a payment to qualify.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, a qualifying monthly payment is a payment made:

  • after Oct. 1, 2007

  • under a qualifying repayment plan

  • for the full amount due as shown on your bill

  • no later than 15 days after your due date, and

  • while you are employed full-time by a qualifying employer.

Good news: Dr. Ahmad identified the problem early and remedied it for future payments.

Tip #1: If you intend to pursue Public Service Loan Forgiveness, turn off the ‘paid ahead’ status on your account.

Tip #2: Submit your PSLF Employment Certification Form annually. Be aware of the number of qualifying payments.