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Dr. Jed Constantz of Employer  Advantage announces an upcoming PCIN event.



The Primary Care Innovators Network (PCIN) exists to strengthen primary care to improve the health of America. We believe, and the data show, that an increased investment in primary care will improve the health and healthcare of people throughout the United States and contribute significantly to achieving the quadruple aim of lower cost, higher quality, improved population health and joy in practice for all. 

More specifically, the PCIN contributes to strengthening the foundation of primary care in the U.S. by working with self-insured organizations (non-profit, for-profit and public), and the primary care practices serving their employees. We do this by working on two interdependent tasks:

  • Enabling self-insured employers to build the systems and supports needed to provide enhanced primary care solutions to their employees
  • Ensuring that primary care practices working with those employees have the resources and support they need to provide enhanced primary care solutions to those employees. 

There are significant benefits when self-insured organizations and the primary care practices that serve their employees, work together in a comprehensive model that prioritizes payment for primary care.  This approach can significantly lower the cost of healthcare and improve the health of many thousands of people. Working together in this framework lowers costs for employers; decreases the administrative burden for primary care practices; increases financial reimbursements for practices; and increases joy and satisfaction for the patient, the primary care practice, and the employer.

Goal:  The PCIN will host a series of conferences in targeted markets over the next couple years that will:

  • Demonstrate the value of comprehensive primary care payment as it relates to self-insured organizations
  • Create a platform for interested organizations to network with interested practices in their area
  • Connect interested self-insured organizations with the tools and resources needed to work directly with primary care practices
  • Connect interested primary care practices with the tools and resources practices need to be ready to work directly with self-insured organizations  
  • Spark pilot projects between organizations and practices to work together in a comprehensive payment framework
  • Allow the PCIN to learn the challenges and success of working together in this framework
  • Be a resource for media, government, philanthropists and other interested parties to learn the benefits of organizations contracting directly with primary care practices

Upcoming Conferences:

  • Locations and dates are TBD

 Who Should Attend? 

  • Primary Care Practice leaders seeking new strategies for delivering cost effective primary care, especially those interested in learning how to contract directly with self-insured employers
  •  Self-Insured Organizations seeking to reduce their overall spend on health services while improving employee satisfaction
  •  State, county and local government leaders seeking to reduce their overall spend on health services while improving employee satisfaction
  •  Media leaders seeking to learn more about the cutting edge of health system re-design

 How Can I Learn More?  To learn more about the PCIN please contact Laurence Bauer at

The Primary Care Innovators Network is led by the Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC). In 2008 the FMEC launched the Healthcare Innovators Network. The Innovators Network provides a vehicle for innovators to showcase “primary care driven solutions to challenges facing the healthcare system.” Up to this point the Healthcare Innovators Network has been a one-day event held in conjunction with the FMEC Annual Meeting.

The FMEC is launching the Primary Care Innovators Network to build a bridge between primary care innovators, whose work reveals the power and value of robust primary care, and those seeking strategies to reduce the cost of health services while improving the quality of care.

The PCIN is a collaboration among:

Family Medicine for America’s Health (FMAHealth): Family Medicine for America’s Health is a collaboration among the eight leading family medicine organizations in the United States to drive continued improvement of the U.S. health care system and demonstrate the value of primary care.  FMAHealth works to show that a strong foundation of primary care can lower cost, improve quality and the health of communities around the country, while increasing the joy in the practice of healthcare to practitioners and patients alike.

FMAHealth helps self-insured employers identify primary care practices ready to contract directly with them and provides tools and methods to those practices to help them work effectively with self-insured employers.

Employer Advantage Health Care Solutions (EAHCS):Employer Advantage is a Tennessee-based healthcare management services company that has a proven record of reducing healthcare costs for self insured employers while improving the health of their employees and covered dependents —using a direct primary care payment framework.  Employer Advantage has adopted a highly collaborative business model that bridges the gap between self-insured employers and the community based primary care teams invited to be “accountable” for the triple aim outcomes of improved health status, reductions in aggregate healthcare spending, and high levels of patient satisfaction and activation.  Upon accepting this invitation, primary care teams are able to establish enhanced compensation arrangements that allow them to align care with the need of covered individuals versus simply providing care that is covered by a health benefit plan.

For more information, contact:  Laurence Bauer, MSW, MED

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