2024 Family Medicine Residency Showcase Virtual Series

What are the FMR Showcase Virtual Events?
For the fifth consecutive year, the Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC) will offer virtual meetings to introduce interested medical students and others to the many outstanding Family Medicine Residency Programs in the northeast U.S. Faculty in family medicine residency programs present on an emerging and exciting topic in family medicine, while also spotlighting their residency programs and what makes them strong and unique.

The webinar series was a success in 2023, with 8 sessions presented by 6 unique health systems. Over 330 medical students and others registered to hear about these residency programs and issues like women in medicine, lifestyle medicine, obstetrics, fellowship opportunities, and more! The medical students loved it because they could get up close and personal with the faculty and residents from a program they wanted to check out. The program directors loved it because they could communicate with 15 – 25 students at one time. It also allowed the program to share with the students aspects of their programs that are especially strong (i.e. delivering babies, procedures, wilderness medicine, corrections medicine, etc.)

This year’s series will occur from July 16 - September 5:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 6 pm ET. The FMEC promotes residency training programs in the northeast U.S., so we ask that your program be located in one of the FMEC's 14 states or DC. This is an opportunity to showcase your program's strengths and interact with medical students. You can provide medical students of all four years the opportunity to learn about the breadth and depth of family medicine, connect with students who are interested in the topic you choose, and highlight your residency program's strengths. 

Registration Information - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!
Residency programs interested in leading a Family Medicine Residency Showcase Session must complete the registration form with the following information. Individual residency programs should not register for more than two sessions. If you choose to discuss a topic that has already been selected by another residency program, we will let you know so you can consider changing your topic.

1. Faculty member leading the Family Medicine Residency Showcase Session(s)
2. Topic to be discussed
3. Date preference to lead a virtual session (all sessions are at 6pm ET)
4. Registration Fee for each session:

  • Residency Programs that have purchased or plan to purchase a booth and participate in the 2024 Residency Fair are eligible to register at a reduced rate - $300 per one-hour session
  • Residency Programs that do not plan to participate in the 2024 Residency Fair must pay the full rate - $600 per one-hour session

Once you have registered, FMEC staff will confirm your assigned date, set up the meeting in Zoom and register your presenters, and begin to promote your Showcase via email and social media. Shortly before your event, we will provide you with the list of registrants. At the event, a FMEC staff member or volunteer leader will welcome participants and introduce you. 

How you use the 60 minutes is up to you but we recommend a 15 – 20 minute presentation followed by 40 minutes of discussion. This provides students an opportunity to talk directly with the presenting faculty/residents staffing the meeting. The meeting/presentation could be conducted in the main room and/or you can hold small group discussions in breakouts within the meeting.

Register here.

Please reach out to Scott Allen at [email protected] with questions.