This We Believe Award 

We seek expressions of the core attitudes and beliefs—the personal philosophies—about caring for others. Authors should write up to a few hundred words expressing the core principles that guide your approach to caring for others. Feel free to use any format that helps you to con-vey your beliefs: a story, an anecdotal experience, or you may use discursive writing. We seek that personal, inner vision that drives your passion to serve, to teach, and to be with those who need your service.

We know that those engaged in Family Medicine have a broad range of interests; from full-scope Family Medicine, to international health, to care of seniors, adolescents, children, maternity care and women’s health, end of life and palliative care, care of underserved, rural and inner city populations, research, education, practice improvement and healthcare leadership, to name just a few areas of special interest. Statements of belief that share the passion that led you to your special interest are welcome as well.

Modeled on the successful “This I Believe” project, as heard on National Public Radio, the FMEC offers physicians, physicians-in-training, and medical students engaged in Family Medicine organizations, the opportunity to express their core beliefs about serving others. We believe that sharing our passion for being healers will not only strengthen our ability to serve others, but also will connect us to one another and strengthen our mission in Family Medicine. We invite students, residents, faculty, and practitioners to submit statements of their beliefs. The submissions will be reviewed and those selected as “best of” will be invited to share their statement from the podium during the FMEC Annual Meeting. The "best of" statements will also be shared in print with all conference attenders and will be distributed through the FMEC website following the meeting.

While submissions remain the property of the author, a submitter grants the FMEC unrestricted use of the material.

Past Award Winners 

2020 Award Winners
Miguel Rodriguez, MPH, MSIV, Sarah Baden, MD, Maya Prabu, MSIV

2019 Award Winners
Catherine Florio Pipas, MD, MPH, Lillian White, MSIV, Shelby Reimer, MD

2018 Award Winners
Allen Shaughnessy, PharmD, MedEd, Wayne A. Forde, MD, Jessica Faraci, MD

2017 Award Winners
Christina Johnson, MD, PhD, Anthony Pastore, MSIV, Nixi Chesnavich, MSIV

Honorable Mention:  Joshua Steinberg, MD

2016 Award Winners
Sarah Baden, MD, Winfred Frazier, MD, Anna Chon, MD 

2015 Award Winners
Sarah Baden, Maureen Litchman, MD, Joanne Dannenhoffer, MD 

2014 Award Winners
Nellie Wirsing, MD, Derek Woessner, MD, Jennifer Middleton, MD, MPH 

2013 Award Winners
Katherine Neely, MD, Emueje Ophori, MD , Matthew Loftus, MD 

2012 Award Winners
Laura Sturgill, MS4, Shawnet K. Jones , Bronwyn L. Sing, DO 

2011 Award Winners
Bob Motley, MD, Emily Looney, MS4, Peter Elias, MD 

2010 Award Winners
Jason Shen, MS4, Carla Jardim, MD , Bethany Picker, MD 

2009 Award Winners
Colleen T. Fogarty, MD, MSc, Karen E. Perkins, MD, Andrea Gordon, MD, Kandie S. Tate, MD, MEd 

2008 Award Winners
Sallie Rixey, MD, MEd , Allison Hargreaves,MD , Paul Gross, MD 

2007 Award Winners
Colin Kopes-Kerr, MD, MD, MPH, Lyle G. Bohlman, MD, Kevin Ferentz, MD