FMEC Legacy Campaign Success 

The Board of Trustees of the FMEC has created the Legacy Campaign in honor of Laurence Bauer, MSW, MEd  to ensure the future success of FMEC.  By expanding the availability and facilitating the remarkable leadership of family physicians, we can improve the health of the nation.  A $100,000 gift from Dr. Stacy Potts, a Past President of the FMEC, challenged us and it was matched to start the Legacy Fund for a total of $200,000. We will continue to campaign for three more years to raise a total of $500,000.  As donors and board members commit to sustain our legacy, we invite you to join us. Read the Legacy Campaign Case Statement to learn more about the FMEC and how we inspire students, residents and family physicians and advance primary care.

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  • $360,000 pledged to date
  • 100% of the board has participated
  • 63% of those asked have committed
  • 45 donors have contributed (please see the list below)
                            *If you would like to change how you are listed, please contact Shayla at [email protected].

The Legacy Campaign offers donors the option of designating the fund in which their contribution will be placed. Donors can expect exemplary stewardship and will be regularly (at least on an annual basis) updated on the utilization of the funds raised. 
Gifts that are not directed by the donor will be placed in the focus area of the FMEC Greatest Need. Here is a description of the focus areas:
  • The Strategic Reserve Fund-This fund is intended to provide support for the long-term survival of the organization. This fund shall be segregated. The interest from the Strategic Reserve Fund may be allocated to the FMEC operating account on an annual basis.
  • FMEC Greatest Need-This fund will be allocated at the discretion of the Board to meet the needs of the organization. Gifts that are not designated will be used for this focus area. 
  • The Operational Growth Fund-This fund will be used to grow the infrastructure of the FMEC. This fund will be used to invest in program development, membership growth and marketing.

Thank you. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we invite you to join us in making an investment in the future of the Family Medicine Education Consortium. Our commitment to you is that we will ensure that FMEC continues its robust work to develop a primary care-driven system in our nation. With your support, there will be more Family Physicians providing transformative primary care and better health in your community and our country.

Leadership Committee for the Legacy Campaign: Scott G. Allen, MS - CEO; Christine Alexander-Rager, MD; Amy Crawford-Faucher, MD; Joe Gravel, Jr, MD; Stacy Potts, MD; Jennifer Sparks, MD; Pam Vnenchak, MD; Donald Raj Woolever, MD