Primary Care Driven Solutions are one of the best kept secrets in the US health care system. Why primary care? Because primary care is anchored in an accessible, effective, efficacious, and equitable model of health care. Primary care means: first contact (they take all comers); relationship centered; comprehensive and coordinated care.  When primary care leaders tackle a problem they see the big picture and focus on the needs of patients and their families. Their solutions have been ignored in the past. For the good of our communities, it’s time to increase awareness of primary care driven approaches to health system improvement.

There is substantial innovation occurring in the primary care sector of the health system. Primary care practitioners have a special interest in improving service delivery and impact of care. Many are investing time and energy in developing tools and services that will support their work. The innovators do not have experience with and/or the time to showcase their innovation and attract the attention of business partners who can help take their innovation to market. As a result, their solutions generally do not move beyond a local level.

Since 2008, the Innovator’s Network has provided a medium for these groups to showcase their work and receive useful feedback. It also provides a place for employers, union leaders, hospital administrators, investors and others who looking for strategies to improve care delivery while controlling/reducing the cost of health services.