About the FMEC Healthcare Innovator’s Network

Every day in hospitals, health systems and clinics, innovation is driving the primary care sector to new heights. When primary care practitioners improve service delivery and impact of care, the entire health system benefits. Many healthcare providers are investing time and energy in developing new tools and services which, if highlighted and spread, could improve care and reduce cost. 

The FMEC is committed to promoting innovations in family medicine and primary care to medical and residency training programs who can incorporate them into learning; to other clinicians who may adapt and spread them; and to business partners who can take innovations to market. 

Since 2008, the FMEC has hosted the Healthcare Innovator’s Network during its Annual Meeting to provide a medium for these groups to showcase their work and receive useful feedback. Faculty, residents and others who attend become inspired to try out new approaches in their teaching and practice. Medical students and young physicians become energized about family medicine when exposed to thought leaders and cutting edge practices. The session also provides a place for employers, union leaders, hospital administrators, investors and others looking to improve care delivery and reduce costs to learn about innovations. 

Presentations at the Healthcare Innovator’s Network have led to the FMEC and the family medicine field advancing Direct Primary Care, Integrative Health, and more. 

Healthcare Innovator’s Network Presentations

2023 Healthcare Innovators Network Agenda (to be held October 13, 2023). The FMEC thanks One Medical for its sponsorship of the 2023 Healthcare Innovators Network.  View the 2023 recordings

2022 Healthcare Innovators Network Agenda (recordings below)

2021 Innovators Network Agenda (written summaries below)

Other recent Innovator’s Network Agendas are linked below.

2019 Innovator’s Network Agenda
2018 Innovator’s Network Agenda
2017 Innovator's Network Agenda