Resources for Residency Coordinators

The FMEC holds periodic virtual meetings for residency coordinators in the region to update them on FMEC activity, Annual Meeting preparations, and more. If you are a residency coordinator or administrator in the FMEC region and do not receive FMEC communications, please contact Shayla at [email protected]. If you have suggestion for a discussion topic or would like to present to other coordinators at a future meeting, contact Scott at [email protected].

FMEC 2024 Annual Meeting Overview – April 25, 2024

Additional Resources:
Annual Meeting Update for Coordinators 4-25-2024.pdf
Group Registration Worksheet FMEC24.xlsx
FMEC 2024 Annual Meeting Schedule Sep 2024.pdf

FMEC Updates and About the Association of Family Medicine Administration (AMFA) – September 21, 2023
For updated information visit Association of Family Medicine Administration
Residency Coordinators Meeting 9-21-2023
AFMA Brochure Flyer and Infographic
AFMA Marketing Brochure
AFMA Marketing Flyer
AFMA Membership Infographic

Orientation to FMEC – April 26, 2023
Residency Coordinators Meeting 4-26-2023.pdf